12 Things You Should Never Pressure Wash

Pressure washing the sidewalk
  1. Wood siding – While it may be satisfying to watch the mold wash away, you can damage your home if not done correctly. Using high-pressure washing methods can cause damage to electrical wires, start mold growth, and damaged insulation.
  2. Electrical Panels & Meters – While this equipment is outside your home and can withstand rain, it is not meant to endure pressure washing. Pressure washing can force water where it’s not meant to go, which can result in costly repairs later.
  3. Asphalt Shingles – Never use high pressure on shingles. It can damage the integrity of your roof, causing vulnerabilities and leaks. Low-pressure wash with special detergents explicitly made for the roof will preserve the integrity of your roof. Using high pressure can be dangerous to you as well because the force of the pressure washer can cause you to lose your balance and fall from the roof.
  4. Air Conditioning/HVAC Units – Leave cleaning your AC to the HVAC professionals. An air conditioning unit is not meant to have high-pressure water forced into it.
  5. Old Lead Paint – This is dangerous because the lead can be chipped away into the air for you to breathe. Breathing this can be hazardous to your health. Lead paint removal should be done by professionals who have ways to contain and dispose of it properly.
  6. Loose or Old Mortar – Consider using a low-pressure wash for these things because high pressure washing them can blast them apart and ruin them.
  7. Living Creatures – Be careful not to pressure wash your foot or hand as it can tear open your skin, leaving a nasty wound. Also, you should never point your pressure washer at an animal because it can severely harm them as well.
  8. Painted Surfaces that are Intended to Stay Painted – Low-pressure wash for painted surfaces is better because it won’t chip your paint.
  9. Windows – High pressure can break a window causing not only damage to the window but damage to the inside of the home as well from all the water that soaks the room.
  10. Your Car – Do not pressure wash your car, as it can chip the paint, making it prone to rusting. Also, if you pressure wash under the hood, you may force water into areas that could crack or break.
  11. Gutters – It’s best to remove debris by hand and rinse with low pressure.
  12. Outdoor lighting – Pressure washing can force water into unwanted areas causing electrical damage.
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