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Rubber roof cleaning is a necessity for not just aesthetics, but also for functionality. Flat, rubber roofs, such as those found on large stores will become dirty over time, and develop a darkened appearance.

EDPM and TPO roofs are designed to reflect light from their light colored surfaces creating a significant savings in energy costs associated with heating and cooling.

Over time, algae and other dirt accumulates on the roof which causes the roof to darken in color and lose its energy efficiency. In some cases, the manufactures of these types of roofs require the owner to have regular cleanings performed in order to keep their warranties from becoming void.

Both membrane and EDPM roofs can safely and effectively be cleaned using a low pressure cleaning technique. During this low pressure cleaning, a mild mix of detergents and algicide is applied to the surface utilizing a low-pressure cleaning method.

Once the cleaning solution is applied and has been allowed to sit on the surface for several minutes, it is gently rinsed away using a high volume, low pressure rinse. This cleaning process will not only remove the dirt and algae that is darkening the roof, but it will also restore the energy efficiency that rubber membrane and EDPM roofs are designed to provide.

First Response Pressure Wash is committed to providing you high quality commercial roof cleaning in the Tampa Bay Area  including Citrus Park, Lithia, Westchase, South Tampa and all of the surrounding areas.

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